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Football Stats Legend

#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
G-Games Played
YDS-Yards Gained
YFS-Yards from Scrimmage
PTS-Points Scored
PENYDS-Penalty Yards
FDPEN-First Downs by Penalty
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
G-Games Played
COMP-Complete Passes
ATT-Pass Attempts
GAIN-Passing Yards Gained
LOSS-Pass Yards Lost
YDS-Net Passing Yards
TD-Passing Touchdowns
CNVATT-PAT Conversion Attempts
CNV-PAT Conversions Made
CNVAVG-PAT Conversion Average
FD-Passing First Downs
LONG-Longest Pass
DROP-Incomplete passes due to dropping
LOST-Lost Fumbles
FUMREC-Recovered Fumbles
RECYDS-Recovery Yards
SCKYDS-Sack Yards Lost
20+-20+ Yard Passes
40+-40+ Yard Passes
PCT-Pass Completion Percentage
TD%-Touchdown Percentage
AVG-Average Pass Yardage
RATT-QB Rating Total
PAG-Games with Passing Attempts
RAT-QB Rating
EFF-QB Efficiency
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
G-Games Played
ATT-Rush Attempts
GAIN-Rushing Yards Gained
LOSS-Rushing Yards Lost
YDS-Net Rushing Yards
LONG-Longest Rush
TD-Rushing Touchdowns
PAT-Points After Touchdown
FD-Rushing First Downs
LOST-Lost Fumbles
FUMREC-Recovered Fumbles
RECYDS-Recovery Yards
20+-20+ Yard Rushes
40+-40+ Yard Rushes
AVG-Average Rush Yardage
FD%-First Down Percentage
ATT/G-Rush Attempts / Game
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
G-Games Played
ATT-Receiving Attempts
GAIN-Receiving Yards Gained
LOSS-Receiving Yards Lost
YDS-Net Receiving Yards
YAC-Yards After Catch
LONG-Longest Reception
TD-Receiving Touchdowns
PAT-Points After Touchdown
FD-Receiving First Downs
20+-20+ Yard Reception
40+-40+ Yard Reception
LOST-Fumbles Lost
FUMREC-Fumbles Recovered
RECYDS-Recovery Yards
DROP-Dropped Passes
AVG-Receiving Average Yards
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
G-Games Played
PENYDS-Penalty Yards
SOLO-Solo Tackles
AST-Assisted Tackles
STFL-Solo Tacks for Loss
ATFL-Assisted Tackles for Loss
SSACK-Solo Sacks
ASACK-Assisted Sacks
TOT-Total Tackles
TYDS-Tackle Yards Lost
SYDS-Sack Yards Lost
INTTD-Interceptions for Touchdown
INTYDS-Interception Yards
INTLONG-Longest Interception
INTAVG-Avg Interception Yards
PD-Pass Deflections
FF-Forced Fumbles
REC-Fumble Recovery
RECYDS-Fumble Recovery Yards
RECTD-Fumble Recovery Touchdowns
LOST-Fumbles Lost
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
G-Games Played
Special - Kick Return
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
PEN YDS-Penalty Yards
KR-Kick Returns
KRYDS-Kick Return Yards
KRLONG-Longest Kick Return
KRLOST-Fumbles Lost
KRREC-Fumbles Recovered
KRRECYDS-Fumble Recovery Yards
KRFC-Fair Catch
KRNO-Catch No Return
KRTD-Kick Return Touchdowns
KRAVG-Average Kick Return
Special - Punt Return
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
PUNTRET-Punt Returns
PRYDS-Punt Return Yards
PRLONG-Longest Punt Return
PRFC-Fair Catch
PRTD-Punt Return Touchdowns
PRLOST-Fumbles Lost
PRAVG-Average Punt Return
PRBLK-Punts Blocked
Special - Punter
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
PYDS-Total Punt Yards
PNET-Net Punt Yards
PLONG-Longest Punt
<20-Punt Inside 20
<20 PCT-Inside 20 Percent
PAVG-Average Punt
PAVGNET-Net Average Punt
PRET-Returned Punts
PRYDS-Punt Return Yards
PDOWN-Downed Punts
PBLK-Blocked Punts
POB-Punt Out of Bounds
PFC-Fair Catch
PTD-Touchdowns on Punt
PTB%-Touchback Percent
Special - Kicker
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
KOYDS-Kickoff Yards
KONET-Net Kickoff Yards
KOLONG-Longest Kickoff
KOAVG-Average Kickoff
KOAVNT-Net Average Kickoff
KOR-Returned Kicks
KORYDS-Kick Return Yards
KODWN-Kickoffs Downed
KOOB-Kick Out of Bounds
KOFC-Fair Catch
KOTB-Kickoff Touchbacks
KOTB%-Touchback Percent
Special - Field Goals
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
FGBLK-Blocked Field Goals
FGA-Total Attempts
FGM-Field Goals Made
FGLONG-Longest Field Goal
FGAVG-Average Field Goal
A<20-Attempts < 20 Yds
A<30-Attempts 20-29 Yds
A<40-Attempts 30-39 Yds
A<50-Attempts 40-49 Yds
A50+-Attempts 50+ Yds
M<20-Made < 20 Yds
M<30-Made 20-29 Yds
M<40-Made 30-39 Yds
M<50-Made 40-49 Yds
M50+-Made 50+ Yds
Special - PAT
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
XPATT-Extra Point Attempts
XP-Extra Points Made
XPAVG-Extra Point Average
CNVATT-Offensive Conversions Attempts
CNV-Offensive Conversions Made
CNVAVG-Offensive Conversion Average
DCNVATT-Defense Conversions Attempts
DCNV-Defense Conversions Made
DCNVAVG-Defense Conversion Average
Offense - Team Efficency
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
1D-First Downs
2D-Second Downs
3D-Third Downs
4D-Fourth Downs
3DA-Third Down Attempts
4DA-Fourth Down Attempts
FD1D-First Downs on First Down
FD2D-First Downs on Second Down
FD3D-First Downs on Third Down
FD4D-First Downs on Fourth Down
3D%-Third Down Conversion Percent
4D%-Fourth Down Conversion Percent

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