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Baseball Stats Legend

Batting - Basic
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
G-Batting Games Played
SEQ-The Order in which the Player Batted
PA-Plate Appearances
AB-At Bats
B-Bunt Singles
XBH-Extra Base Hits
TB-Total Bases
OB-On Base
RBI-Runs Batted In
AVG-Batting Average
BBi-Intentional Walks
Kc-Strike Outs Looking
Ks-Strike Outs Swinging
SO-Strike Outs (Kc+Ks)
HBP-Hit By Pitch
SB-Stolen Bases
CS-Caught Stealing
PK-Times Picked Off
SCB-Sacrifice Bunts
SF-Sacrifice Flys
LOBi-Left on Base (Individual). Times the Player Left Runners on Base
LOB-Left on Base (Team). Times the Player was Left on Base
ROE-Reached on Error
FC-Reached on Fielder's Choice
CI-Reached on Catcher's Interference
GDP-Grounded into Double Play
GTP-Grounded into Triple Play
Batting - Advanced
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
RC-Runs Created
BB/K-Walks per Strikeout(BB/K)
BB/PA-Walks per Plate Appearance (BB/PA)
RPA-Runs per Appearance
OBP-On Base Percentage
OBPE-On Base Percentage w/ROE
SLG-Slugging Percentage
OPS-On Base Plus Slugging Percentage
GPA-Gross Production Average
BABIP-Batting Average on Balls in Play
1/RPA-Inverse RPA
CT%-Contact Percentage (AB-K/AB}
CT2%-Contact Percentage (AB-K/PA}
PA/RSP-Plate Appearances with Runners in Scoring Position
AB/RSP-At Bats with Runners in Scoring Position
BB/RSP-Walks with Runners in Scoring Position
HBP/RSP-Hit by Pitches with Runners in Scoring Position
SAC/RSP-Sacrifices with Runners in Scoring Position
CI/RSP-Catchers Intereference with Runners in Scoring Position
H/RSP-Hits with Runners in Scoring Position
BA/RSP-Batting Average with Runners in Scoring Position
Batting - Hit Type and Power
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
GBs-Soft Ground Balls
GBm-Medium Ground Balls
GBh-Hard Ground Balls
LDs-Soft Line Drives
LDm-Medium Line Drives
LDh-Hard Line Drives
PUs-Soft Popups
PUm-Medium Popups
PUh-Hard Popups
FBs-Soft Flyballs
FBm-Medium Flyballs
FBh-Hard Flyballs
GB%-Ground Ball Percentage
LD%-Line Drive Percentage
PU%-Popup Percentage
FB%-Flyball Percentage
SH%-Soft Hit Percentage
MH%-Medium Hit Percentage
HH%-Hard Hit Percentage
Batting - Plate Discipline
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
Sc-Strikes Looking
Ss-Strikes Swinging
Bi-Intentional Balls
BIP-Balls in Play
TP-Total Pitches
Ss%-Swinging Strike Percentage (Ss/TP)
Ot-Total Pitches Ouside the Zone
Zt-Total Pitches Inside the Zone
Os-Swings Outside the Zone
Zs-Swings Inside the Zone
Oc-Contact Outside the Zone
Zc-Contact Inside the Zone
FP-Total First Pitches
FS-First Pitch Strikes
FB-First Pitch Balls
FPSw-First Pitch Swings
FPSw%-First Pitch Swing Percentage
FPSs-First Pitch Swings for a Strike
FPF-First Pitch Swings for a Foul
FPBu-First Pitch Swings for a Bunt
FP1B-First Pitch Swings for a Single
FP2B-First Pitch Swings for a Double
FP3B-First Pitch Swings for a Triple
FPHR-First Pitch Swings for a Homerun
FPH-First Pitch Swings for a Hit
FPCI-First Pitch Swings for a Catchers Interference
FPFC-First Pitch Swings for a Fielders Choice
FPROE-First Pitch Error
FPSF-First Pitch Sacrifice Fly
FPSCB-First Pitch Sac Bunt
FPO-First Pitch Out
FPSS%-First Pitch Swing Success Rate
Batting - Batting Quality
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
QAB1-Quality at Bat Type 1
QAB1%-Quality at Bats Type 1/Plate Appearance
QAB2-Quality at Bat Type 2
QAB2%-Quality at Bat Type 2/Plate Appearance
QAB3-Quality at Bat Type 3
QAB3%-Quality at Bat Type 3/Plate Appearance
P1-1 Pitch Plate Appearances
P2-2 Pitch Plate Appearances
P3-3 Pitch Plate Appearances
P4-4 Pitch Plate Appearances
P5-5 Pitch Plate Appearances
P6-6 Pitch Plate Appearances
P7-7 Pitch Plate Appearances
P8-8 Pitch Plate Appearances
P9-9 Pitch Plate Appearances
P10-10 Pitch Plate Appearances
P11-11 Pitch Plate Appearances
P12-12 Pitch Plate Appearances
P13+-Plate Appearances with 13 or more Pitches
Pitching - Record
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
G-Pitching Games
SEQ-The Order in which the Player Pitched
SVOP-Save Opportunites
BS-Blown Saves
SV%-Save Percent
CMP-Complete Games
GSc-Game Score
QS-Quality Starts
TL-Tough Losses
CW-Cheap Wins
GT-Pitching Games Totals
GScT-Total Game Score
Pitching - Basic
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
IP-Innings Pitched
BF-Batters Faced
B/S-Ball to Strike Ratio
R-Runs Allowed
GI-Game Innings Average
RA-Run Average
ER-Earned Runs
ERA-Earned Run Average
ERA9-Earned Run Average (for 9 innings)
FIP-Fielding Independent Pitching (using 3.10 constant)
Kc-Strikeouts Looking
Ks-Strikeouts Swinging
IBB-Intentional Walks
K/BB-Strikeout to Walk Ratio
K/GI-Strikeouts per Game Innings
BB/GI-Walks per Game Innings
H/GI-Hits per Game Innings
HB-Hit Batters
WP-Wild Pitches
CI-Catcher's Inteferences
SCB-Sacrifice Bunts
SCF-Sacrifice Flys
BT-Bunts Allowed
1B-Singles Allowed
2B-Doubles Allowed
3B-Triples Allowed
HR-Homeruns Allowed
WHIP-Walk plus Hits per Inning Pitched
OBP-On Base Percentage
BAA-Batting Average Against
BABIP-Batting Average on Balls in Play Against
GIT-Game Innings
IR-Inherited Runners
IRS-Inherited Runners who Scored
LOB-Runners Left On Base
PK-Pickoffs Successful
PKF-Pickoffs Failed
Sc-Strikes Looking
Ss-Strikes Swinging
OIT-Outs per Inning multiplied by Games
Pitching - Effectiveness
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
GO-Ground Outs
AO-Air Outs
GO/AO-Ground Out to Air Out Ratio
FPS-First Pitch Strikes
FPB-First Pitch Balls
FPS%-First Pitch Strikes Percentage
LOBB-Leadoff Walks
LOH-Leadoff Hit
LOHB-Leadoff Hit Batter
LOCI-Leadoff Catcher Interference
LOE-Leadoff Error
LOK-Leadoff Strikeout
LOO-Leadoff Fielding Out
123-123 Innings
FsO-First Strike Field Outs
FsK-First Strike Strikeouts
FsH-First Strike Hits
FsBB-First Strike Walks
3P-3 Pitch Innings
4P-4 Pitch Innings
5P-5 Pitch Innings
6P-6 Pitch Innings
7P-7 Pitch Innings
8P-8 Pitch Innings
9P-9 Pitch Innings
10P-10 Pitch Innings
11P-11 Pitch Innings
12P-12 Pitch Innings
13P-13 Pitch Innings
14P-14 Pitch Innings
15P-15 Pitch Innings
16P+-Innings with 16 or More Pitches
1PA-1 Pitch Appearances
2PA-2 Pitch Appearances
3PA-3 Pitch Appearances
4PA-4 Pitch Appearances
5PA-5 Pitch Appearances
6PA-6 Pitch Appearances
7PA-7 Pitch Appearances
8P+A-8 Pitch or More Appearances
Pitching - Hit Type and Power
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
GBs-Soft Ground Balls
GBm-Medium Ground Balls
GBh-Hard Ground Balls
LDs-Soft Line Drives
LDm-Medium Line Drives
LDh-Hard Line Drives
PUs-Soft Popups
PUm-Medium Popups
PUh-Hard Popups
FBs-Soft Flyballs
FBm-Medium Flyballs
FBh-Hard Flyballs
BIP-Balls in Play
GB%-Ground Ball Percentage
LD%-Line Drive Percentage
PU%-Popup Percentage
FB%-Flyball Percentage
SH%-Soft Hit Percentage
MH%-Medium Hit Percentage
HH%-Hard Hit Percentage
Pitching - Pitch Types
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
S%-Total Strike Percentage
B%-Total Ball Percentage
FbS-Fastballs for a Strike
FbS%-Fastball Strike Percentage
CuS-Curves for a Strike
CuS%-Curveball Strike Percentage
SlS-Sliders for a Strike
SlS%-Slider Strike Percentage
CtS-Cutters for a Strike
CtS%-Cutter Strike Percentage
ChS-Changeups for a Strike
ChS%-Changeup Strike Percentage
SpS-Splitters for a Strike
SpS%-Splitter Strike Percentage
KnS-Knuckleballs for a Strike
KnS%-Knuckleball Strike Percentage
DpS-Dropballs for a Strike
DpS%-Dropball Strike Percentage
RsS-Riseballs for a Strike
RsS%-Riseball Strike Percentage
SwS-Screwballs for a Strike
SwS%-Screwball Strike Percentage
DcS-Dropcurves for a Strike
DcS%-Dropcurve Strike Percentage
Or-Other Pitches
OrS-Other Pitches for a Strike
OrS%-Other Strike Percentage
FbMin-Minimum Fastball Speed
FbMax-Maximimum Fastball Speed
FbTot-Total Fastball Speed
FbCnt-Fastball Speed Count
FbAvg-Average Fastball Speed
CuMin-Minimum Curve Speed
CuMax-Maximimum Curve Speed
CuTot-Total Curve Speed
CuCnt-Curve Speed Count
CuAvg-Average Curve Speed
SlMin-Minimum Slider Speed
SlMax-Maximimum Slider Speed
SlTot-Total Slider Speed
SlCnt-Slider Speed Count
SlAvg-Average Slider Speed
CtMin-Minimum Cutter Speed
CtMax-Maximimum Cutter Speed
CtTot-Total Cutter Speed
CtCnt-Cutter Speed Count
CtAvg-Average Cutter Speed
ChMin-Minimum Change Speed
ChMax-Maximimum Change Speed
ChTot-Total Change Speed
ChCnt-Change Speed Count
ChAvg-Average Change Speed
SpMin-Minimum Splitter Speed
SpMax-Maximimum Splitter Speed
SpTot-Total Splitter Speed
SpCnt-Splitter Speed Count
SpAvg-Average Splitter Speed
KnMin-Minimum Knuckle Speed
KnMax-Maximimum Knuckle Speed
KnTot-Total Knuckle Speed
KnCnt-Knuckle Speed Count
KnAvg-Average Knuckle Speed
DpMin-Minimum Dropball Speed
DpMax-Maximimum Dropball Speed
DpTot-Total Dropball Speed
DpCnt-Dropball Speed Count
DpAvg-Average Dropball Speed
RsMin-Minimum Riseball Speed
RsMax-Maximimum Riseball Speed
RsTot-Total Riseball Speed
RsCnt-Riseball Speed Count
RsAvg-Average Riseball Speed
SwMin-Minimum Screwball Speed
SwMax-Maximimum Screwball Speed
SwTot-Total Screwball Speed
SwCnt-Screwball Speed Count
SwAvg-Average Screwball Speed
DcMin-Minimum Dropcurve Speed
DcMax-Maximimum Dropcurve Speed
DcTot-Total Dropcurve Speed
DcCnt-Dropcurve Speed Count
DcAvg-Average Dropcurve Speed
OrMin-Minimum Other Speed
OrMax-Maximimum Other Speed
OrTot-Total Other Speed
OrCnt-Other Speed Count
OrAvg-Average Other Speed
T00-Total 0-0 Counts
S00-0-0 Count Strikes
S%00-0-0 Strike Percentage
E00+-0-0 Count Positive Outcome (Out, K, DT, Err, FC)
E00--0-0 Count Negative Outcome (Hit, BB, HBP)
E00*-0-0 Count Neutral Outcome (SAC, SF, CI, etc)
T01-Total 0-1 Counts
S01-0-1 Count Strikes
S%01-0-1 Strike Percentage
E01+-0-1 Count Positive Outcome
E01--0-1 Count Negative Outcome
E01*-0-1 Count Neutral Outcome
T02-Total 0-2 Counts
S02-0-2 Count Strikes
S%02-0-2 Strike Percentage
E02+-0-2 Count Positive Outcome
E02--0-2 Count Negative Outcome
E02*-0-2 Count Neutral Outcome
T10-Total 1-0 Counts
S10-1-0 Count Strikes
S%10-1-0 Strike Percentage
E10+-1-0 Count Positive Outcome
E10--1-0 Count Negative Outcome
E10*-1-0 Count Neutral Outcome
T11-Total 1-1 Counts
S11-1-1 Count Strikes
S%11-1-1 Strike Percentage
E11+-1-1 Count Positive Outcome
E11--1-1 Count Negative Outcome
E11*-1-1 Count Neutral Outcome
T12-Total 1-2 Counts
S12-1-2 Count Strikes
S%12-1-2 Strike Percentage
E12+-1-2 Count Positive Outcome
E12--1-2 Count Negative Outcome
E12*-1-2 Count Neutral Outcome
T20-Total 2-0 Counts
S20-2-0 Count Strikes
S%20-2-0 Strike Percentage
E20+-2-0 Count Positive Outcome
E20--2-0 Count Negative Outcome
E20*-2-0 Count Neutral Outcome
T21-Total 2-1 Counts
S21-2-1 Count Strikes
S%21-2-1 Strike Percentage
E21+-2-1 Count Positive Outcome
E21--2-1 Count Negative Outcome
E21*-2-1 Count Neutral Outcome
T22-Total 2-2 Counts
S22-2-2 Count Strikes
S%22-2-2 Strike Percentage
E22+-2-2 Count Positive Outcome
E22--2-2 Count Negative Outcome
E22*-2-2 Count Neutral Outcome
T30-Total 3-0 Counts
S30-3-0 Count Strikes
S%30-3-0 Strike Percentage
E30+-3-0 Count Positive Outcome
E30--3-0 Count Negative Outcome
E30*-3-0 Count Neutral Outcome
T31-Total 3-1 Counts
S31-3-1 Count Strikes
S%31-3-1 Strike Percentage
E31+-3-1 Count Positive Outcome
E31--3-1 Count Negative Outcome
E31*-3-1 Count Neutral Outcome
T32-Total 3-2 Counts
S32-3-2 Count Strikes
S%32-3-2 Strike Percentage
E32+-3-2 Count Positive Outcome
E32--3-2 Count Negative Outcome
E32*-3-2 Count Neutral Outcome
Fielding - Basic
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
G-Fielding Games
ST-Games Started
Et-Throwing Errors
Ef-Fielding Errors
SBA-Stolen Bases Allowed
CS-Caught Stealing
DP-Double Plays
TP-Triple Plays
PB-Passes Balls
PKF-Pickoff Failed
PK-Pickoff Succeeded
OP-Outs Played
FP-Fielding Percentage
FP1-Fielding Percentage at Pitcher
FP2-Fielding Percentage at Catcher
FP3-Fielding Percentage at First
FP4-Fielding Percentage at Second
FP5-Fielding Percentage at Third
FP6-Fielding Percentage at Shortstop
FP7-Fielding Percentage at Left Field
FP8-Fielding Percentage at Center Field
FP9-Fielding Percentage at Right Field
FP10-Fielding Percentage at Other Field
IP-Innings Played
AP-Innings Appeared
Fielding - Infield
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
PO1-Putouts at Pitcher
A1-Assists at Pitcher
Et1-Throwing Errors at Pitcher
Ef1-Fielding Errors at Pitcher
AP1-Innings Appeared at Pitcher
OP1-Out Played at Pitcher
PO2-Putouts at Catcher
A2-Assists at Catcher
Et2-Throwing Errors at Catcher
Ef2-Fielding Errors at Catcher
AP2-Innings Appeared at Catcher
OP2-Out Played at Catcher
PO3-Putouts at First
A3-Assists at First
Et3-Throwing Errors at First
Ef3-Fielding Errors at First
AP3-Innings Appeared at First
OP3-Out Played at First
PO4-Putouts at Second
A4-Assists at Second
Et4-Throwing Errors at Second
Ef4-Fielding Errors at Second
AP4-Innings Appeared at Second
OP4-Out Played at Second
PO5-Putouts at Third
A5-Assists at Third
Et5-Throwing Errors at Third
Ef5-Fielding Errors at Third
AP5-Innings Appeared at Third
OP5-Out Played at Third
PO6-Putouts at Shortstop
A6-Assists at Shortstop
Et6-Throwing Errors at Shortstop
Ef6-Fielding Errors at Shortstop
AP6-Innings Appeared at Shortstop
OP6-Out Played at Shortstop
Fielding - Outfield
#-Player Number
Name-Player Name
PO7-Putouts at Left Field
A7-Assists at Left Field
Et7-Throwing Errors at Left Field
Ef7-Fielding Errors at Left Field
AP7-Innings Appeared at Left Field
OP7-Out Played at Left Field
PO8-Putouts at Center Field
A8-Assists at Center Field
Et8-Throwing Errors at Center Field
Ef8-Fielding Errors at Center Field
AP8-Innings Appeared at Center Field
OP8-Out Played at Center Field
PO9-Putouts at Right Field
A9-Assists at Right Field
Et9-Throwing Errors at Right Field
Ef9-Fielding Errors at Right Field
AP9-Innings Appeared at Right Field
OP9-Out Played at Right Field
PO10-Putouts at Other Field
A10-Assists at Other Field
Et10-Throwing Errors at Other Field
Ef10-Fielding Errors at Other Field
AP10-Innings Appeared at Other Field
OP10-Out Played at Other Field


Quality at Bats
Quality at Bats are a statistics that has become popular to talk about, but there is not a hard and fast definition for what makes up a QAB. We have decided to create a few variants and allow you to customize the QAB value to what you think is important. The following tables show our defaults:

  • Base Hit
  • Sac Bunt
  • Sac Fly
  • Hard ground ball
  • Hard line drive
  • Hard fly ball
  • 6+ pitches
  • Base Hit
  • RBI
  • Sac Bunt
  • Sac Fly
  • 6+ Pitches
  • Hit w/RISP
  • RBI
  • Sac Bunt
  • Sac Fly
  • 6+ Pitches
Game Score
Game score is described here:
  1. Start with 50 points.
  2. Add 1 point for each out recorded, so 3 points for every complete inning pitched.
  3. Add 2 points for each inning completed after the 4th.
  4. Add 1 point for each strikeout.
  5. Subtract 2 points for each hit allowed.
  6. Subtract 4 points for each earned run allowed.
  7. Subtract 2 points for each unearned run allowed.
  8. Subtract 1 point for each walk.
Quality Start
Related to Game Score above, a Quality Start is defined as a Game Score > 50.
Tough Loss
Related to Game Score above, a Tough Loss is a pitcher that gets a Loss but had a Quality Start.
Cheap Wins
Related to Game Score above, a Cheap Win is a pitcher that gets a Win but had a non Quality Start.
Runs Created
We use the "technical" version as described here:

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