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Statistics are the heart of scorkeeping and iScore provides unparelleled statistics access. Stats and scorecards for each game, cumulative stats for every team and lifetime stats for every player are available, both within the iScore interface and via email in HTML, Excel, Comma Separated Value (CSV) and PDF formats. You can use these emailed statistics in any way you like including populating your own existing team websites.

For those who don't already have their own team websites, or who wish to maintain a team website with the convenience of one button touch updates, we offer the optional iScore Team Websites add on. iScore Team Websites allow you to manage a web site for a team and have all statistics and game details updated immediately, every time you score a game. This can save a huge amount of time and effort after each game, and over the course of a season. The look of your Team Website is fully customizeable.

The individual pages of a Team Website are also embeddable in other websites as IFRAMES and the color schemes you choose will carry over to allow for seamless integration. So if you already have an existing website but don't have a quick and easy way to get updated stats into that site, iScore Team Websites provides the perfect embeddable solution.

There may be times when even the flexibility afforded by the embeddable IFRAMES is not enough and a team wants to use the raw data in new ways. With the Team Website API, developers can get access to all the data available through iScore Team Websites in a programmatic way. You can get access to all the same data that goes into making up the iScore Team Websites as raw XML, and parse it to use any way you like. This document describes that API in more detail.

To purchase an iScore Team Website from within iScore, select your team from Team Manager and touch the Team Website option. You can also login to your online Administrator Account and go to Teams.
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