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Why are the games that I scored on my device not showing up on my Team Website?

Team Websites are linked to a single customer ID. If you created your Team Website in the past with one device and then replaced your device, or upgraded your device's operating system and received a new customer ID, you can link your Team Website to the new customer ID . If you have multiple devices scoring games for you team and you want all of the games from those devices to show on the Team Website, use Data Sharing to copy all of the games from the other devices to the device linked to the Team Website and then press the Export button on that linked device.

Team Websites are linked to a single team on the device. Some people will create a new team each year and when they do that, the Team Website will remain linked to the old team, even if the new team has the same name. The recommended way to handle a team from season to season is to use the same team each season. If you intentionally created a new team that you want to use with an existing Team Website, you can link a Team Website to a different team on your device.

Team Websites get their data from exports from your device so be sure to go to the Options screen and press the Export button after each game to update your Team Website.

If you still don't see the games you scored after an export, this usually means that you created duplicate teams, with one of the duplicates linked to the Team Website and the other duplicate used to score the games. Go to League Manager and make sure the "All" league is turned on, then go to Team Manager and check for duplicates. If you have duplicates of the same team then you will need to merge the duplicate teams into one. When merging duplicate teams into one, be sure to keep the team that is linked to the Team Website on the left of the Merge screen so that the link to the Team Website is retained after the merge.

If you don't see a duplicate team then you may have deleted one of the duplicates. Undelete the deleted team and then use the Merge option to merge the duplicates.

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