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How can I keeps the stats for previous year's graduates on the Team Website?

First, in order to maintain continuity from season to season, create your team in Team Manager one time only and do not create a new team each season.

Let's use, as an example, a team called the Bulldogs who will have a 2012 season and a 2013 season. In League Manager create a league called "2012 Season". Make sure both the "2012 Season" and the "All" leagues are checked and then select the Bulldogs team in Team Manager. Touch Leagues in the Team Info screen and check the "2012 Season". Back in the Team Info screen select Roster and add all of the players for the 2012 season to the roster. Select each player on the roster and in the Player info screen, touch Leagues and add the player to the "2012 Season" league. Now score your games as normal and the stats for the 2012 season will be available on the Team Website.

When it's time for the 2013 season, go to League Manager and create "2013 Season". Make sure the "2012 Season" is unchecked and both the "2013 Season" and "All" leagues are checked. In Team Manager select the Bulldogs team and touch Leagues in the Team Info screen. Put a checkmark next to the "2013 Season" league, leaving any existing checkmarks as they are. Back in the Team Info screen select Roster. In the Roster screen, for any players that graduated in the 2012 season, drag those players down to the Inactive Player list at the very bottom of the roster. This allows the players to remain as part of the team for stats purposes, but when new games are created, these players will not show up in the new game lineup. Now add any new players for the 2013 season. Once your roster is set, select each player in the active roster list and in the Player Info screen select the Leagues item. Assign each active player for the 2013 season to the "2013 Season" league, leaving any existing checkmarks as they are.

Finally, log into your Team Website using the administor password and go to the Settings tab. Under the Options section you will see a row labeled "Show Players". Select "Filter by League" from the dropdown. This will allow the graduating players to show up in the leagues in which they played but not show up in the in the "2013 Season" league.

Also under the Leagues section of the Team Website Settings screen you can select the default league that people will see when viewing your site. Select "2012 Season" in 2012 and "2013 Season" in 2013. This will be the default view but people will still be able to select either the 2012 or 2013 seasons in the Stats, Games and Roster tabs.

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