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I got a new device. How do I transfer my old data to the new device?

IMPORTANT Using the following steps will overwrite all iScore data on the device you are copying to. If you are looking to "merge" data, then click the following link for more information on Data Sharing.

Data can be transferred from one device to another using the following steps:

  1. Do an Options -> Export in iScore from BOTH the device you are copying from and the device you are copying to
  2. Make sure you have registered BOTH devices to the same email address (How do I register?)
  3. Log in to the Admin Website (
  4. Click the Accounts tab, then the Manage Data button
  5. Select "Copy" next to the account you want to copy data from, then select "To Here" for the account you want to copy the data to
  6. A few confirmation boxes will appear to be sure you really want to transfer the data
  7. After the data has been transferred, you will do an Options -> Import in iScore on the device for the account you copied data to to retrieve the data to your device
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