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How can I import cumulative team stats from other sources?

When starting to use iScore after the season is underway, you may already have season stats collected from other sources.* iScore can import the CSV files of many of these sources so that you can start using iScore mid-season and not lose the data you have already collected. To import stats, follow the steps below:

  1. Save your stats in CSV format from your existing data source (it is ok to have multiple CSV files for batting, pitching, etc).
  2. Create your team in iScore.
  3. Export your iScore data from your device to the servers by going to the Options screen in iScore and pressing the Export button.
  4. Log into the Admin Website (see Options->Admin Website for the information needed to log in).
  5. Select your team from the team dropdown list, then click the Import tab.
  6. Press the Choose File button and select one of the CSV files from your hard drive. When the data loads, press the "Import Data" button to the right.
  7. Return to the Import tab and repeat the procedure for all of the other CSV files (if you have multiple files).
  8. When all of the CSV files have been loaded, go to the Options screen on your device and press Import to import the data back to your device.
Your team will now have a game called Season Stats and in Team Manager the imported stats will be part of the cumulative stats totals.

iScore currently supports many CSV formats including MaxPreps. If you have a CSV file that iScore does not recognize, please email us at

*Note: CSV files generated by iScore can not be imported into iScore using this method. Please use Data Sharing to transfer data between iScore devices.
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