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I am having difficulty emailing results to my email account. What can i do?

If you are getting the failure message "Email could not be sent at this time", then here are the first things to check:

1. Verify your internet connectivity. Go to the browser on your device and make sure you can browse to

2. Make sure you are running the newest version of iScore. On iOS devices, go to the App Store on your device and check the Updates tab to see if a new version is available, and if so, upgrade to it

3. Make sure you are entering a valid email address. It should be a full email address like "", not a shortcut name for the person

4. If none of the above help, try powering your device completely off and back on as this will sometimes clear "memory leaks" on the device and also re-establishes the internet connection

5. Finally, if you have tried all of the above and are still unable to send emails, do an Options -> Export from your device and email us with the Customer ID of your device (found on Options screen) and let us know specifically what you are trying to email, what type of device you have, and what version of iScore you are running, and we will try and reproduce the issue

If you are getting a "Successful" message, but not receiving the email, the most common cause of this is SPAM / Junk Mail filters. School and office email addresses tend to filter more than home email addresses. If your email server has a way to add "friendly emails" so they do not get blocked as SPAM, the email address to add would be - this is the email that is used for all data sent from iScore. Sometimes if you send an email to an address, it will automatically "unblock" it, so you may want to try just sending a test message to that email address --- it will auto-respond, but it may be enough to open up your email server to accepting the emails. If this does not work, using a personal / free email account from companies like,, or is often an alternative.

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