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How can my friends and family access the stats and games that I record with iScore?

There are many options for sharing your iScore data with friends, family or anyone in the world.

Scorecasts can be viewed in realtime from the free iScore Central app or from any web browser (including mobile device browsers) as you score the game. Please see this FAQ, and the scorecasting documentation in the iScore manual for more information on scorecasting. Fans can find games in a variety of ways
You can send the stats and scorecards that iScore generates to any email address directly from the iScore app on your mobile device. Note that you can send to multiple emails at the same time by entering multiple email addresses separated by spaces. You can also press the + icon in the email dialog to access your contacts list.

The optional iScore Team Websites are for those people who do not already have their own team websites or those who wish to provide web based statistics with the convenience of one button press updates. Team Websites provide access control on a per page basis so you can do things like allow anyone to have access to the home page but restrict the stats page to only those who know the password. Please see the Team Websites section here for more information. Purchase of a Team Website allows fans using iScore Central to view scorecasts of any games played by your team for free

A fourth option, if the other person also has iScore installed on their device, is to share games using Data Sharing. Please see the iScore manual and this FAQ for more information.

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